Battery-grade lithium refining from diverse raw sources
Mangrove’s patented Clear-LiTM technology converts lithium chloride or lithium sulfate from a wider pool of feedstocks into high purity lithium hydroxide or carbonate.
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A more efficient way of producing battery-grade Li
Mangrove produces less waste, requires fewer chemicals, and omits capital intensive steps in traditional processes, yielding a high purity battery-grade lithium hydroxide at a lower cost than traditional methods.
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Modular and scalable refining technology
Our modular technology can be customized to meet specific needs and be readily scaled up or down depending on the necessary capacity.
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Valuable across the battery supply chain
Mangrove can work across the supply chain with upstream producers, battery recyclers or battery manufacturers with a solution tailored to each segment's requirements.
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We provide Li refining solutions for:

Lithium Producers

Mangrove directly converts raw Li from brines, hard rocks, clays, and DLE into lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate. Mangrove’s modular platform can co-locate and scale up to produce high purity battery-grade lithium near the point of extraction to meet the specifications for any operation.

Battery Recyclers

Mangrove works with battery recycling operations to refine lithium hydroxide from recycled batteries in fewer steps than incumbent technologies, with no waste by-products and at a higher purity. Mangrove can co-locate near battery recycling plants to create a cost-effective closed loop battery-value chain.

Battery Manufacturers

Mangrove can co-locate downstream with battery manufacturers, allowing manufacturers to enter diverse lithium supply agreements. This reduces risks of price volatility and material supply issues while allowing manufacturers to control lithium hydroxide purity to meet product specifications.

Innovative lithium conversion technology

Where Mangrove Lithium fits into the battery supply chain

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