About Us

Lithium battery production process diagram

Mangrove is using electrochemistry to become the industry leader in the next generation of clean energy storage.

Our Mission

Mangrove’s mission is to leverage our breakthrough Li refining technology to unlock a battery powered, clean energy future. We are committed to applying our technology to help mitigate the effects of climate change by bringing more Li and electric vehicles to the market.

Our Vision

Mangrove’s process will make battery-grade Li vastly more available and allow wide-scale electric vehicle adoption. Our patented technology provides the most effective and economical option for high-purity Li conversion. We are focused on the battery value chain for extractors, refiners, and battery manufacturers worldwide.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Mangrove’s personnel are committed to enhancing Mangrove’s viability, competitiveness, and longevity by aligning commercial goals with honest, transparent ways of doing business. Each of us are committed to performing our professional responsibilities in honor of this value in a highly responsible manner.
  • Inclusivity: Mangrove is made up of a diverse group of individuals. Whatever your story, if you want to join us in speeding the adoption of electrification as a way to address the climate crisis, we are excited to work with you.
  • Innovation: Mangrove is firmly rooted in the development of breakthrough innovations to resolve traditional lithium extraction and refining issues. We are driven to solve industry-wide issues through our collaboration with investors, clients, research institutes and government agencies.
  • Results-oriented: Our full focus is on the delivery of first-in-class results for our clients across the entire Li refining sector. Our team thrives on solving demanding technical issues – for Mangrove, our clients, and collaborators.
  • Accountability: Our critical role in the battery value chain is taken seriously by every team member. Each of us are expected to contribute our fullest in creating a cleaner and more affordable energy future for the World.

Our Story

BMW i Ventures and Breakthrough Energy Ventures investment

  • BMWi Ventures and Breakthrough Energy Ventures invest in Mangrove, bringing the total funds raised by Mangrove’s executive team to $25 million USD. These investments will be used to accelerate the launch of a commercial-scale plant.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures and BDC Capital Investment

  • Breakthrough Energy Ventures and BDC Capital invests $10M in Mangrove.

Conducted Demonstrations

  • Mangrove completes the design of the first commercial module.
  • Conducted demonstrations with key Li customers.
  • Mangrove secures $3M financing from BDC Capital's Cleantech Practice.
2020 - 2021
2019 - 2020

Commercial Testing Facility Built

  • Mangrove builds fully integrated commercial demonstration system.
  • Secured $2.1M the Sustainable Development Technology Canada for a demonstration with Canadian Natural.
  • Secured $5M from Round 3 ERA Grand Challenge winners.

First Commercial Scale Demonstration

  • Mangrove completes the first commercial scale electrochemical cell testing.
  • Secured $3M from Round 2 ERA Grand Challenge winners.
  • Spun out from Wilkinson Research Group at UBC Chemical Engineering.
  • Graduated from Creative Destruction Labs Rockies.
2016 - 2018

Lab Scale Demonstration

  • Mangrove completes the 1st lab scale demonstration.
  • Secured $500k from Round 1 ERA Grand Challenge winners.
  • Secured $450k from Western Economic Diversification

Mangrove is a modular, scalable refining platform that converts LiCL and Li2SO4 from a wide variety of feedstocks directly into battery-grade LiOH, eliminating complex and costly steps from conventional lithium processing companies. 

Mangrove’s modular and scalable platform requires low CapEx and allows for lithium refining operations to be established near the point of feedstock extraction or near the site of battery manufacturing. Mangrove works with lithium battery recyclers, lithium producers, and battery manufacturers.