Cleantech Talk Podcast with Mangrove – Lithium Resources, Refining, & Localization

Mangrove’s CEO and founder, Saad Dara, was recently a guest on the CleanTechnica Cleantech Talk podcast to chat about all things lithium. From the need for domestic lithium refining in North America and Europe and current bottlenecks that exist in the lithium supply chain to the geopolitical issues that have affected and will affect the battery value chain, this is a comprehensive discussion on the landscape of lithium and the growing renewable energy market. Saad also gets into Mangrove’s lithium refining technology, how it was developed, future plans, and how it has the ability to unlock sustainable battery-grade lithium from a wide variety of feedstocks.

Check out the link below and give it a listen. Thanks to Zach Shahan for having us on and for the great conversation!

Listen here.