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Unlocking a battery-powered future with a sustainable lithium refining technology

Mangrove is a lithium refining platform that utilizes Clear-LiTM electrochemical technology to convert lithium extracted from a wide variety of feedstocks to battery-grade lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate more efficiently, economically and sustainably than ever before.

Mangrove works with customers from across the battery-value chain

Brine & DLE

Refine lithium chloride from brines and DLE into a pure lithium hydroxide in fewer steps than incumbent technologies.
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Hard Rock & Clays

Refines lithium sulfate extracted from hard rocks and clays into a high purity lithium hydroxide with no sodium sulfate waste byproduct.
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Battery Recyclers

Refines lithium extracted from recycled batteries economically and efficiently produce a highly pure lithium hydroxide without the creation of any lithium sulfate waste byproducts.
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Battery Manufacturers

Co-locate and provide consistent purity specific lithium hydroxide from multiple feedstocks.
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How Mangrove benefits their customers


Feedstock flexible

No waste byproducts

Numbers up to meet capacity

Highly pure product

Recyclable byproducts

Game-changing lithium refining platform that can be applied across the battery-value chain

Mangrove is a lithium refining platform that operates in the space between lithium extraction and cathode manufacturing. The modular system can co-locate with lithium extractors, cathode manufacturers or battery recyclers, helping to optimize efficiencies in the lithium supply chain.

Mangrove works across the battery value chain

How Mangrove can help create a more stable and sustainable lithium supply chain to feed the renewable energy revolution

Decentralize lithium refining

Decentralizes lithium refining

Mangrove’s Clear-Li electrochemical technology is a modular skid-mounted system that can easily co-locate with lithium extractors, battery manufacturers or battery recyclers. This decentralizes lithium refining outside of China and mitigates geopolitical risks, logistic issues and removes bottlenecks in the lithium supply chain.

Electrically driven technology for an electrically driven future

As the world transitions to renewable and electric energy to power their lives, Mangrove’s Clear-Li technology is in step with that philosophy. Using electricity in place of fossil fuels and chemicals, Mangrove refines lithium into a battery-grade product more sustainably and with a smaller carbon footprint than incumbent processes.

Mangrove uses electricity to convert lithium to lithium hydroxide
Mangrove helps mines become more fundable by lowering OPEX/CAPEX

Makes mines more fundable

By decreasing lithium extractor’s OPEX/CAPEX, and by being able to work with junior producers to refine lithium from a wide variety of feedstocks into a battery-grade product, partnering with Mangrove makes lithium extraction operations more fundable. This consequently increases availability of lithium for the battery manufacturing market.

Produces battery-grade lithium hydroxide with recyclers

Lithium is a finite resource that is extracted from the earth. This means being able to efficiently harness lithium from recycled batteries will be continuously more important as the global transition to renewable energy grows. Mangrove is able to refine a high purity battery-grade lithium efficiently and cost effectively from recycled batteries, and is able to complete a circular economy between battery manufacturing and recycling.

Mangrove converts lithium extracted from recycled batteries into high purity lithium hydroxide


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