Our New Lithium Refining Process: How It Works


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Lithium battery production process diagram

What is Mangrove Lithium

Mangrove Lithium is a modular, scalable refining platform that converts lithium chloride and lithium sulfate from a wide variety of feedstocks directly into battery-grade lithium hydroxide, eliminating complex and costly steps from conventional refining operations.

Where Mangrove Lithium works

Mangrove’s modular and scalable platform requires low CapEx and allows for lithium refining operations to be established near the point of feedstock extraction or near the site of battery manufacturing. Mangrove can be co-located near:

Our Customers:

Our new lithium refining technology

Mangrove’s patent-pending, proprietary technology uses electrochemical processes to directly convert lithium chloride and lithium sulfate into lithium hydroxide. The technology also produces fungible byproducts, boosting investment rate of return and solidifying project bankability. These byproducts, HCl and H2SO4 in the instances of lithium chloride and lithium sulfate, respectively, can be used at the extraction stage in the process of acquiring lithium to improve sustainability with a closed-loop extraction process.