Mangrove joins The Clean Power Hour podcast for a discussion on lithium refining, supply chain issues and meeting demands

Production of high-quality lithium presents a complex problem. Sourcing lithium is difficult and making high-purity lithium is costly. Lithium is sourced from recycling of lithium-ion batteries or extracting it from a brine solution previously introduced into hard rock. The extracted material is called lithium chloride or lithium sulfate, and processing it into the final product – lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate for battery production – is where Mangrove Lithium comes in.

Saad Dara is an engineer, electrochemist and CEO and co-founder of Mangrove Lithium, based in Vancouver. His focus on lithium began three years ago with a lithium-processing technology that eases processing of the highest-purity lithium for market. Francisco Velasco joined as the Commercial Vice President of Mangrove one year ago, knowing there is a shortage of refining processes in the lithium supply chain.

Today on Clean Power Hour, Saad and Francisco join Tim to discuss Mangrove’s position in the lithium processing supply chain, along with lithium’s supremely important role in the electric vehicle (EV) industry’s ability to supply the current demand which is only growing.

Key Takeaways

  • How Mangrove Lithium will improve supply chain disruptions for EV manufacturers Saad’s take on why we need to “onshore” all stops along the lithium supply chain back to the US How lithium technology is a key “limiting factor” for the EV’s progress How EV car development creates ups and downs in the lithium market, resembling a “boom and bust” pattern
  • How availability of lithium does not meet demand, so buyers look globally for sources Why the strategic partner of BMW i Ventures is a perfect match for Mangrove The sources of lithium, including brine applications, hard rock or spodumene mining, and DLE (direct lithium extraction)
  • Details of Mangrove Lithium’s first three plants, including locations, power sources and more Why Nevada is included in the list of ideal locales for Mangrove Details on how Mangrove sees itself as a service to upstream or downstream companies in the lithium supply chain
  • Why tailoring the service is Mangrove’s main bread and butter How the term “feed-stock flexible” applies to Mangrove’s product (a service)