Mangrove Lithium announces partnership with De Nora

[February 15, 2024 – Vancouver, Canada] – Mangrove Lithium is pleased to announce its equipment supply partnership with the global leader in electrochemical technologies, De Nora Technologies Inc. Mangrove’s partnership with De Nora will give Mangrove access to equipment and allow Mangrove to leverage De Nora’s decades of experience in  electrochemical systems to provide a reliable and high quality product for our customers.

As Mangrove moves towards the deployment of a first commercial plant, Mangrove’s partnership with De Nora, who bring years of experience and a wealth of expertise, will help ensure successful execution in our projects. Mangrove CEO, Saad Dara, commented “Partnering with De Nora for our lithium refining platform and commercial deployments will ensure we can deliver our technology at the highest level of quality and reliability to our customers. We were very impressed by the De Nora facilities, team and operations when we visited them in Japan. Their attention to detail, level of expertise and years of experience will help Mangrove achieve our goals of creating a more sustainable lithium supply chain and unlock bottlenecks that currently exist between lithium extraction and battery manufacturing.”

Mangrove has worked with De Nora to demonstrate its process and technology at our demonstration plant in Delta, BC, Canada. At this plant, feedstock from across the battery supply chain, including mining, refining, and recycling, has been processed into a high-quality battery-grade lithium hydroxide at a commercial scale. Mangrove has now received full stacks of De Nora cells for use in our first commercial plant. This first commercial plant will commercialize Mangrove’s technology and process to enable highest purity, lowest cost lithium hydroxide and carbonate from any feedstock.  

About Mangrove Lithium

Mangrove is a technology company that utilizes a patented electrochemical process and cell to convert lithium extracted from brines, hard rocks, clays, and DLE into a battery-grade lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate. This technology can work with lithium producers, refiners and battery manufactures; can be co-located along the battery-value chain and utilizes electricity in place of chemical reagents to create a final product. This in turn eliminates reliance on third party chemical suppliers and lowers the carbon footprint compared to incumbent lithium refining technologies.

About De Nora

Industrie De Nora is an Italian multinational company listed on the Euronext Milan stock exchange, specializing in electrochemistry, a leader in sustainable technologies, and has a vital role in the industrial green hydrogen production chain. The Company has a portfolio of products and systems to optimize the energy efficiency of critical industrial electrochemical processes and a range of products and solutions for water treatment. Globally, Industrie De Nora is the world’s largest supplier of activated electrodes (serving a broad portfolio of customers operating in the fields of chlorine and caustic soda production, components for electronics, and non-ferrous metal refining).