Lithium Hydroxide Production Transformed

Mangrove’s revolutionary technology offers the lowest-cost production for battery-grade Lithium Hydroxide

Battery Grade Quality and Purity

Reduce Opex and Eliminate Capex

Growing Market Demand

Battery Grade Quality

Cost-effectively produced from brine, hard rock, and clay

With current technologies, achieving the concentration of LiOH required to meet the requirements of battery-grade is challenging and cost prohibitive. Mangrove’s technology is a patent-pending design re-engineering lithium production from the ground up—a revolutionary new approach achieving the required quality simply and cost-effectively designed to work with brine, hard rock, and even clay.

Reduce Opex, Eliminate Capex

Direct conversion technology to transform your operations

Mangrove offers a direct conversion technology that omits the most capital intensive step in the conventional process. Our patent-pending technology also allows for the widest variety of feedstock and unlocking additional geographic assets.

Business Case Development

We conduct a study of your site and develop a customary business case. We will define the success targets for energy consumption and concentrations

Demonstration at Mangrove Facility

With the raw feedstock from your site, our team will process the samples and turn it into battery-grade lithium hydroxide with demonstrated success metrics to validate the business case.

On-Site Demonstration

Mangrove will set up a small plant with our commercial module on your site where data can be gathered and the process can be holistically monitored.

Scale Projects

After the business case has been validated, our team will develop an in-depth plan to scale the project.

Mangrove’s solution can transform your lithium operations to meet the growing market demand. Learn more about our 2-step customer engagement process.