Lithium Refining For Battery Recyclers

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Lithium-ion battery recycling will become more crucial as the global demand for lithium accelerates. Incumbent lithium battery recycling technologies produce a lithium sulfate product which still requires conversion to lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate. Mangrove optimizes the lithium refining for battery recyclers to produce a battery-grade product with our ground-breaking electrochemical technology. Mangrove’s innovative breakthrough platform unlocks the EV battery market for recyclers by producing lithium at unparalleled prices and purity. 

Conventional lithium refining vs Mangrove lithium refining for battery recyclers

The benefits of Mangrove's game-changing refining technology for battery recyclers

Challenges for battery recyclers relying on incumbent refining processes

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Mangrove Lithium’s patent pending proprietary technology uses electrochemistry to convert lithium chloride and lithium sulfate into lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate.​ Learn about the technology, how it works, and why it's a game changing platform for lithium refining.

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