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previously unviable feedstocks
Clay lithium refining process diagram

As the demand for lithium-ion batteries grows, traditionally unleveraged raw Li sources, like clay deposits are being considered for extraction. Historically, unlocking lithium clay as a feedstock has been time and capital intensive. Although abundant, Li clay deposits are heavily diluted by additional minerals, resulting in a low concentration of Li for conversion. Mangrove boosts project viability by optimizing the refining process of lithium sulfate from clay to lithium hydroxide.

Conventional lithium refining vs Mangrove's lithium refining

The benefits of Mangrove's innovative refining technology

The challenges with traditional lithium conversion

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Mangrove Lithium’s patented proprietary technology uses electrochemistry to convert lithium chloride and lithium sulfate into lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate.​ Learn about the technology, how it works, and why it's an innovative platform for lithium refining.

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