Lithium Refining for
Hard Rock Li Producers

Refine hard rock Li

with Mangrove Lithium

Hard rocks such as spodumene and lepidolite are common sources of lithium. Incumbent processes for refining battery-grade lithium from hard rock are capital intensive and produce sodium sulfate waste that requires costly and proper disposal. Mangrove optimizes the refining process of lithium sulfate from hard rock to lithium hydroxide using ground-breaking electrochemical technology resulting in unparalleled purity and eliminating the challenges and costs of waste disposal.

Conventional lithium refining vs Mangrove's lithium refining for hard rock Li producers

The benefits of Mangrove's game-changing refining technology for hard rock producers

The challenges with traditional lithium conversion from hard rock

Learn about the technology

Mangrove Lithium’s patent pending proprietary technology uses electrochemistry to convert lithium chloride and lithium sulfate into lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate.​ Learn about the technology, how it works, and why it's a game changing platform for lithium refining.

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