Battery-grade lithium refining from diverse raw sources
Mangrove’s patent-pending proprietary technology converts lithium chloride or lithium sulfate from a wider pool of feedstocks into high purity lithium hydroxide or carbonate.
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A more efficient way of producing battery-grade lithium
Mangrove Lithium produces less waste, requires fewer chemicals, and omits capital intensive steps in traditional processes, yielding a high purity battery-grade lithium hydroxide at a lower cost than traditional methods.
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Modular and scalable refining technology
Our modular technology can be customized to meet specific needs and be readily scaled up or down depending on the necessary capacity.
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Valuable across the battery supply chain
Mangrove can work across the supply chain with upstream producers, battery recyclers or battery manufacturers with a solution tailored to each segment's requirements.
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We provide Li refining solutions for:

Game-changing lithium conversion technology

Where Mangrove Lithium fits into the battery supply chain

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