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Mangrove’s benefits for battery recyclers

refining from Recycled batteries to meet the demand for lithium

Black mass processed from recycled batteries can be used to produce lithium sulfate, which in turn can be refined into lithium hydroxide for battery manufacturing

Circular lithium economy: creating an infinite supply of a finite commodity

Lithium, like most natural resources, is a finite asset that is removed from the earth in the form of hard rock, clays or brines. This means that if the renewable energy industry is to become truly sustainable it will have to harness the ability to recycle lithium from used batteries to continue to feed the demand.

Mangrove’s Clear-LiTM electrochemical lithium refining technology is able to take lithium sulfate or lithium chloride from recycled batteries and create a very pure lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate efficiently and economically without creating any waste byproducts, creating a truly sustainable circular economy between battery production and disposal.

Benefits of Mangrove’s lithium refining technology for battery recyclers

Mangrove vs incumbent lithium sulfate refining platforms from battery reyclers