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Mangrove’s lithium refining benefits for upstream battery manufacturers

Lithium refining that works with battery manufacturers

Mangrove produces high purity battery grade lithium for cathode and battery manufacturers from various feedstocks

Lithium refining solution for manufacturers that provides maximum agency

Supply uncertainty and price volatility mean that battery manufacturers can no longer afford to remain reliant on outside operations for a supply of battery-grade lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate. Global feedstocks of varying quality, quantity and chemical composition add to the complication of manufacturers entering in commercial agreements with producers and refiners.

Mangrove is a low-CapEx and low-OpEx lithium refining solution for manufacturers that provides maximum agency by allowing manufacturers the ability to enter into diverse Li supply agreements and have a reliable stream of high purity lithium hydroxide to use for their product.

Benefits of Mangrove’s lithium refining technology for battery manufacturers

Mangrove can co-locate with battery and cathode manufacturers