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Mangrove’s benefits for upstream lithium producers

Feedstock flexible lithium refining

The Clear-LiTM electrochemical lithium refining technology allows Mangrove to convert lithium extracted from a wide variety of feedstocks into a battery-grade lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate. This patented technology produces a highly pure product and benefits upstream lithium producers in a variety of ways, including lower CAPEX/OPEX, absence of waste byproducts, no chemical inputs, and more.

Brine and Direct Lithium Extraction

Lithium triangle in South America has lithium brine reserves in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile

Brines: The world’s most abundant lithium reserves

Majority of the world’s lithium reserves exist as brines in what is commonly known as the “Lithium Triangle” in South America. The lithium rich brines within this region that span Argentina, Bolivia and Chile will be critical in feeding the renewable energy market as the demand for energy storage continues to grow. Furthermore, lithium rich brines exist in varying quantities globally, such as regions of The US, Canada, The UK and countries in Europe, and innovative and ecological methods of extracting that lithium are being developed and applied – such as Direct lithium Extraction (DLE). Being able to efficiently and economically refine the lithium chloride extracted from brine and DLE assets will be paramount in the journey to supplying the renewable energy market.

Mangrove’s Clear-LiTM technology efficiently converts lithium chloride from brines and DLE into a high-purity battery-grade lithium hydroxide using electrochemistry in place of chemicals in fewer steps than incumbent technologies.

Benefits of Mangrove’s lithium refining technology for brine and DLE

Mangrove vs incumbent lithium chloride refining platforms

Hard Rock and Clay

Hard rocks: The world’s largest lithium production

The world’s largest lithium production operations currently producing raw lithium are hard rock spodumene assets in Australia, with a significant portion of global reserves exist as hard rock and clays around the world – including North America, India and Africa. Being able to refine lithium sulfate extracted from hard rocks and clays into battery-grade lithium hydroxide efficiently and cost effectively will be imperative as the demand for lithium continues to grow. However, one huge hurdle currently exists for incumbent lithium refining platforms when converting lithium sulfate into lithium hydroxide: the creation of sodium sulfate waste byproduct. Sodium sulfate has little commercial demand and must be disposed of, resulting in added cost and logistic issues for lithium producers.

Mangrove is able to refine a pure lithium hydroxide from lithium sulfate efficiently and cost effectively without the creation of any waste byproducts, all without any added chemical inputs.

Australia has the most lithium production. The lithium is extracted from hard rock and processed into lithium sulfate

Benefits of Mangrove’s lithium refining technology for hard rocks and clays

Mangrove vs incumbent lithium sulfate refining platforms